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Helping Jamaica Plain Commercial Structures After Fire Damage

5/4/2022 (Permalink)

fire damaged shingled roof SERVPRO provides board-up service to secure your fire damaged Jamaica Plain house or commercial structure.

Structural Emergency Services Benefit Fire Restoration in Jamaica Plain Shop

Emergency services encompass several pressing issues in a fire-damaged property. Commercial facilities often require several steps to shore up the structure and make it safe enough for restoration efforts to begin. Contractors on our crew work quickly to complete several steps such as:

  • Demolition
  • Temporary solutions
  • Repairs

Controlled Demolition

Fire damage in Jamaica Plain shops often requires repairs or reconstruction services. To reach the point where building materials can be safely reinstalled, controlled demolition should happen first. Our contractor license lets us complete this needed demolition and the subsequent repairs and build back to follow.


When a roof system has become compromised by fire or related extinguishing efforts, temporary tarping is sufficient to protect the structure until permanent repairs can be administered.

Board Up Services

Multiple types of structural damage can result from the combustion processes and extinguishment. The emergency response team must install temporary coverings for these vulnerable areas to prevent intrusion from animals, insects, precipitation, or opportunistic thieves. Using plywood and reinforcement, we can provide a stable temporary wall or ceiling system to deter secondary damages. These roof coverings can greatly mitigate secondary damages.

Utility Repairs

The movement of fire can directly influence utilities like the water service or electrical conduit running through the property. It is important to focus on restoring these services as fast as possible, as this directly impacts your business. Water services especially can be problematic when harmed as this might introduce a secondary layer of damage to the property until it is rebuilt.

Fast structural repairs and emergency services are a critical offering by our professionals after fire damage impacts shops and businesses throughout the region. As leading restoration professionals, we can help when disasters strike to get your doors back open as soon as possible. Call our SERVPRO of Jamaica Plain / Roxbury team today at (617) 466-6909.

Dehumidifiers Help Dry Flood Damaged Roxbury Homes

4/26/2022 (Permalink)

large desiccant trailered dehu Rely on SERVPRO's portable and massive dehumidifiers to dry your flood damaged Roxbury home or commercial structure

Flood Damage in Roxbury? Call SERVPRO

One of the most significant obstacles to post-flood restoration and recovery in a household is removing trapped water in materials and moisture in the environment. Dehumidifiers play a substantial role in managing this moisture concern throughout the structure.

How Do Dehumidifiers Work?

The objective of dehumidifiers concerning flood damage for Roxbury properties is the removal of excess moisture that threatens the structure and contents within it. Dampness presents a significant threat to the property, so the placement of dehumidification equipment is essential to manage water in the environment and promote a faster and more complete drying process. Units work by pulling humidity into a chamber, and through the process of refrigeration or absorption, they convert moist air into physical water to discharge from the machine.

Low-Grain Refrigerant Units

These are a popular type of dehumidifier for restoration work as they do not require an excessive amount of power to perform. These work by cooling air to the point of condensation, which is then collected in a tray on the unit for disposal. Multiple refrigerant dehumidifiers can be used simultaneously to achieve greater production of moisture removal in an environment. This method can be especially effective to mitigate flood damaged interiors.

Desiccant Units

Desiccant units rely on absorption to achieve moisture management. The exhaust of these machines infuses the work area with warm, dry air to further promote a faster and more evenly distributed evaporation process. SERVPRO deploys trailer-mounted large desiccant units for Large Loss projects.

Seeking a Balance

It is important to note that conditions throughout the structure work to seek a balance during flood damage restoration and recovery. Several tools to regulate temperature and airflow throughout the impacted spaces to regulate these natural processes to benefit restoration. These include:

  • Air movers
  • Portable heaters
  • Containment equipment

After a flood damaging event, several tools are necessary for effective drying of the space. Water removal is critical to returning normal living conditions to the household. Our SERVPRO of Jamaica Plain / Roxbury team can help with effective mitigation. Give us a call today at (617) 466-6909. 

Flood Damage Restoration in Jamaica Plain Basements

4/18/2022 (Permalink)

submerible pump at basement step access Submersible pumps are stocked on our GREEN FLEET to extract flooding from Jamaica Plain basements. SERVPRO--We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Jamaica Plain Basements Require Several Extractors to Remove Flood Damage

If the basement area of your home becomes damaged by intruding floodwater, it is vital to have mitigative strategies in place to overcome these threats as they occur. Our fast response to these emergencies allows us to deploy effective extraction units to help.

Truck-Mount Extractors

Flood restoration of Jamaica Plain homes relies on powerful extraction units to remove standing water where it exists. In the lower levels of your household, natural floodwater often requires units strong enough to overcome the elevation necessary for the safe discharge of floodwater away from the property. Truck mount extractors can be used in conjunction with several attachments and extensions, including:

  • Squeegee wands
  • Light wands
  • Deep extraction

Submersible Pumps

Traditional electric submersible pumps are not as widely used in flooded basements because of the likelihood of solids and debris in the standing water. Instead, trash pumps and gas-powered units like these are interchanged. Despite being more powerful than plug-in units, the larger intake and discharge hoses allow easier management of potential debris.

Wet Vacuums

Basements are not always as accessible as restorers might like. To overcome this complicated space, portable extraction units that are lightweight and versatile are often the most widely used in these situations. The wet vacuum is the most helpful of these types of tools in our inventory. Several attachments can be used with these units, and they operate on widely available 110V outlets.

Removing water from the damaged areas is not always a simple and quick part of the restoration process. When sites like the basement become overwhelmed with flood damage, extractors must be capable of removing substantial volumes of water that also likely have solids and debris. Our SERVPRO of Jamaica Plain / Roxbury team has a fleet of vehicles stocked with necessary restoration equipment to help. Call now at (617) 466-6909.

Humidity Impacts Water Restoration of Jamaica Plain Homes

4/13/2022 (Permalink)

lgr dehumidifer on a black and green background SERVPRO uses the latest technology and equipment for every water damage job. Call now for the help you need.

Regulating Humidity Allows for Faster Water Restoration in Jamaica Plain Properties

Multiple drying principles directly impact the restorability of water-damaged homes and businesses. The correlation between temperature and humidity in the environment affects how quickly and easily surface drying and moisture management occurs. Between temperature, humidity, and airflow, the balance of these specific principles is vital to the most efficient management of surface water and trapped moisture.

What is Relative Humidity? 

To calculate the best approach to manage water damage in Jamaica Plain homes and businesses, technicians must calculate and track relative humidity in the property. This measures the correlation to the amount of water in the environment at any time. As temperature increases, the moisture capacity of the atmosphere increases as well. Understanding the current saturation percentage helps with restoration actions such as:

  • Structure drying
  • Content recovery
  • Mold prevention

Can Dehumidifiers Manage This Threat? 

Dehumidifiers are the first and most important defense against increasing relative humidity. Often, desiccant dehumidifiers can drop the moisture threshold below the target percentage for saturation when the units are placed in the right areas and with enough frequency to counteract the production of axial and centrifugal air movers.

Addressing Persistent Moisture Problems

Even with moisture management equipment placed on the property, vulnerabilities in your home’s exterior or a leak that goes unrepaired continually threatens the household. To avoid situations like mold development and structural degradation, we can utilize our general contractor license to complete specific build-back services necessary to return homes to preloss condition after drying and cleaning.

Water damages encompass the largest percentage of service calls for our SERVPRO of Jamaica Plain / Roxbury restoration team. These situations are anticipated and planned for by keeping extraction, drying, and disinfection cleaning products stocked on our service vehicles in the Green Fleet. To make these disasters “Like it never even happened,” give us a call today at (617) 466-6909. 

Expert Fire Damage Cleanup When You Need it in Roxbury

4/13/2022 (Permalink)

Hydroxyl generator on a hardwood floor SERVPRO has the tools and equipment it takes to get your home back in order after fire damage.

Roxbury Residents Can Call SERVPRO for Fire Damage Restoration 24/7

With something devastating like fallout and debris from a fire in your Roxbury property, why trust anyone but trained professionals? SERVPRO has formulated proven methods and steps that allow our technicians to easily handle fire and smoke remediation. In many instances, a homeowner may think something is a total loss, yet we can salvage it with specialized cleaning and restoration techniques. When you want a trusted, locally owned and operated team handling your house fire cleanup, give us a call so that our customer care team can mobilize a crew to our door within hours! 

Whenever we get a call for fire damage in Roxbury, whether residential or commercial, you can bet that our IICRC-certified fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) follow all the guidelines detailed in our training protocols. We can handle small to large-scale cleanups and have the right techs for the job, including Applied Structural Drying (ASD) professionals and Odor Control Technicians (OCT).

Smoke Remediation and Odor Control for All Fire-related Calls

Our Green Fleet comes packed with the latest tools and technology. When it comes to eliminating pungent smoke odors to keep them from lingering on porous and non-porous materials, we reach for things like:

  • Specialized cleaning agents and solutions
  • Deodorant pellets
  • Thermal foggers/ultra-low volume (ULV) foggers
  • Air scrubbers with onboard HEPA filters
  • Hydroxyl machines
  • Ozone generators – used with caution due to the possible harm to plants, pets, and people

Our team is here for all emergency fire, water, mold, and unique cleaning and restoration projects. When called for fire restoration, we realize that moisture control and water removal are often paramount to pulling out anything left after first responders douse the flames. Everything gets done to restore your property to pre-fire condition, “Like it never even happened.”

Take control of fire damage and get the results you deserve with SERVPRO of Jamaica Plain/Roxbury. You can reach our team any hour of the day or night by dialing (617) 466-6909.

The 4 Things That Often Cause Flooding | SERVPRO® of Jamaica Plain/Roxbury

4/5/2022 (Permalink)

a street completely submerged in water and a flood warning sign in roadway Regardless of the cause of the flooding, SERVPRO of Jamaica Plain/Roxbury has the team to help you recover from any disastrous event.

Natural disasters of any type can be devastating. Whether you are dealing with tornadoes, hurricanes, severe thunderstorms or something else, they can all be quite dangerous. However, most people are surprised to learn that flooding is the most common and the most deadly type of natural disaster within the United States.

There can be a lot of variation in the damage that flooding causes, but the types of flooding and the things that make it occur are often the same—and that is what we will be examining today.

3 Main Kinds of Flooding

Flash floods, as the name implies, occur rather rapidly. Typically caused by heavy rainfall, either from a large storm cell or a slow-moving one, flash floods occur when the ground is no longer able to absorb an adequate amount of water. Flash flooding can impact any area, and often the water will move swiftly enough to carry away objects such as dumpsters and cars in its path.

River floods happen when a riverbank cannot contain the water within the river—this is common after heavy rainfall or in the spring when snow begins to melt. River floods occur when the river overflows, flooding the surrounding area.

Coastal floods are similar in nature to river floods, but they occur in bodies of water along the coast. Typically due to hurricanes or other types of storm surges, coastal floods occur when water along the coast rises rapidly and overwhelms its borders.

4 Ways Flooding Often Occurs

Heavy rainfall. When storms dump a large amount of rain on an area, all types of flooding become likely. Flash floods are the most common type of flood, and they often occur in areas with large swaths of paved ground, such as cities and suburban areas. Heavy rainfall can also cause rivers or coastal waters to overfill.

Oceanic activity. The rise of ocean tides, due to rainfall, hurricanes or other storms, can lead to coastal flooding that impacts areas bordering the water.

Dams and levees failing. As seen in 2005 events surrounding Hurricane Katrina, the failure of a dam or levee is quite devastating. These structures are sometimes overwhelmed due to a high volume of water, and are thus prone to giving way and causing major destruction.

Snowmelts and ice dams. Throughout the winter, snow and ice can pile upon one another and lead to quite a bit of moisture buildup when warm weather finally comes along. This can lead to flooding on its own, but also cause ice jams, which can cause secondary flooding along riverbanks.

Regardless of the cause of the flooding, SERVPRO has the tools and teams to help your home or business recover from its disastrous effects. Contact us anytime when flooding or water damage makes a mess in your life.

Why So Many Choose SERVPRO of Jamaica Plain/Roxbury

3/22/2022 (Permalink)

tech in white protection suit applying floor protection Give us a call anytime if you have questions regarding our process - 617-466-6909

Why so many choose SERVPRO

It's more than just the brand recognition, it’s also the qualified personnel, the expertise and dedication to the community that make us the place to call. Below are additional reasons why:  


We have the best training in the industry. Each team member is trained in clean up and restoration which can range from bio hazard, fire, mold to water damage. We are IICRC certified (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certificate) for fire and water cleanup and restoration. Our job is to make sure our clients understand the loss and how we will help restore their home or facility. We live up to the motto and we leave each location looking “Like it never even happened.”


Our team understands that the best way to limit further damage is to begin the clean up and restore the property as soon as possible. For this reason our team is available 24/7 - day, night, or holiday!  This also helps with keeping costs down. We strive to always answer the first call or respond within a few hours.

Latest Technology

We take pride in the fact that we are able to keep up with some of the advancements technology has to offer. This allows us to restore your property as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can get back to what you were doing preloss.

No Loss Too Big or Too Small

Whether you have multiple locations, or a room that has suffered a loss we can help restore your property.  SERVPRO is a national company and as a result our SERVPRO of Jamaica Plain/Roxbury team has access to the 1,800+ other franchises to handle any scope of loss.  You call us and we will handle the rest!

Future Loss Prevention

With every job we ensure we understand what the cause of the loss was. We do this to ensure the cause of loss is addressed to prevent similar damage from occurring again.

Our Community

We love what we do and the ability to help our community. We know the roads, the neighborhoods, and what makes our towns so special. It is important to us that our town thrives so we are highly motivated to do all we can to make this an even better town to live in.

Help is always here

Whether you have a question or a loss give us a call and we will help 617-466-6909. We serve ALL - businesses, home owners, property managers and tenants in the Jamaica Plain/Roxbury area. ensure that the water is extracted, your property is dried, and mold is addressed if necessary. Third, contact your insurance company to see if you have coverage for the damaged property.

The Silent Business Partner You Didn’t Know You Needed | SERVPRO® of Jamaica Plain/Roxbury

3/17/2022 (Permalink)

a workspace and cubicle showing signs of water damage SERVPRO of Jamaica Plain/Roxbury are your local commercial restoration experts. Contact us today should you experience any damage.

Owning a business of your own can be a lot of work! We understand that it takes every ounce of dedication to ensure that your company is successful. So, if a major disruption happens, it can truly be devastating as well as chaotic for you personally.

You should know that just because you are alone in running a business doesn’t mean you are alone in dealing with emergencies. You have a partner in SERVPRO of Jamaica Plain/Roxbury. We want to see you succeed, and we will work to get you prepared and back on your feet.

Large loss recovery. Fires, storms and flooding are the top causes of financial losses. This can cause major damages to any business, and even more so if you don’t react quick enough. That’s why we are available 247 so that you can count on us any time of the day or night!

Emergency Ready Plan. Your best defense is preparation. Any and every business needs an emergency plan, and we’re here to help you implement one. We will work to create an optimized plan for your company, outlining the specifics of what to do in an emergency and how to do it.

Cleaning of All Kinds. We offer more than simply the general carpet cleaning that you might be thinking of! We also providing specialty cleaning services like biohazard removal. We can find a solution for any kind of mess, because we’ve been in the industry for a long time and we know what to expect.

Restoration Services. Storms bring floodwaters, fires can spark in the kitchen and pipes may burst sometimes! No matter what kind of disaster has taken hold of your business, they will all require cleanup and restoration services of some kind. We can assure you that with SERVPRO of Jamaica Plain / Roxbury we will have your business back to preloss condition in no time.

Industry Specialization. There’s no commercial enterprise that we can’t help! We have trained our technicians on every in and out that accompanies commercial properties. No matter what type of special needs your place may have, we have you covered. We will also do our best to enclose our work area, in hopes of not disrupting your regular business operations.

Whatever your recovery need may be, and whatever your commercial property may require, trust SERVPRO to get the job done. Contact us today to get started on an Emergency Ready Plan or find out how we can serve your business.

What Will Spring Weather Bring? | SERVPRO® of Jamaica Plain/Roxbury

3/4/2022 (Permalink)

an image with a cloudy, rainy, sunny and snowy sky Extreme temperature changes can lead to severe weather. SERVPRO of Jamaica Plain/Roxbury is here if you experience any damage.

The United States comes in at a close second as one of the largest countries with only Russia and Canada being larger!

Because our country is so large, that means that seasonal weather can look a lot different depending on where you are. With our nation being so spread out, it can create different weather patterns for certain areas, which in turn creates different weather threats.

As the spring season is drawing near, it means that the cold and warm air masses will collide, causing weather hazards. With the official start of spring on March 20 quickly approaching, let’s take some time to review the weather:

Let’s get started on our first region, the Pacific Northwest. This region will experience heavy rains during the spring months, which can cause flooding or water damage. The higher elevations also might have to worry with flooding, but from melting snow or ice, which clearly can cause problems of its own.

Moving to the Upper Midwest and Northeast regions, these ares are still experiencing winter weather. In fact, this region is likely to still be dealing with snowstorms or blizzards until late spring or early summer. We’re intimately acquainted with this weather pattern! While the arrival of spring might bring a little more warmth, we usually don’t fully warm up until summer.

As we move on to the West Coast, this region is experiencing opposite of what we see here. On the West Coast, they may be faced with excessive heat waves. When temperatures get intensely high and the air remains dry, it puts the area at risk of wildfires and also endangers people.

The middle part of the United States, from Iowa down to Texas, has drier air, but it’s very windy! This region has to prepare for windstorms, derechos and wildfires. Part of the Midwest is also home to what’s known as “Tornado Alley,” where tornadoes are incredibly common.

Last but certainly not least, we have the Southeast region, which can experience severe weather hazards during the spring. Intense thunderstorms and even tornadoes are common in the South this time of year, and states along the coast also have to keep an eye out for early-season hurricanes.

So, as you can see, with the United States being so large and spread out, weather patterns can look extremely different. That’s why you must always stay prepared and aware about what is going on in your area!

If extreme weather leaves you with damage from water, fire or other elements, help is a click away. Contact SERVPRO for fast, expert recovery.

Its Never Too Late To Prepare Your Business For Winter

2/22/2022 (Permalink)

car tires on a snowy road Keep your building and equipment warm to avoid freezing. If you ever need us give us a call!

Get Cold Weather and Freeze Alert

Keep your heating systems operating

Keep your building and equipment warm. Heating systems are the lifeline of your business during cold conditions. If they fail, disaster could strike.

Immediate action required:

  • All piping must be insulated. Install new and replace damaged insulation and don’t forget to examine your sprinkler system.
  • Inspect all outside dampers for proper operation.
  • Clear and protect all outside vents from ice and snow accumulation.
  • Heat requires power. If generators are unavailable, make arrangements to obtain an electrical portable heating during outages.

Safeguard business equipment during power outages

Voltage surge protection is necessary at all times – especially during cold, freezing conditions. Severe weather can cause power loss and downed wires, disrupting your business’ power supply. When electricity is restored, the sudden surge of power can literally destroy the modem, high-tech equipment

Your business relies on.

Immediate action required:

  • Unplug it. Anticipate voltage surges during severe weather. The best solution is equipment isolation – turn it off and unplug it. If you need to keep equipment running, installing surge protectors can provide protection.
  • Inspect building. Close all windows, doors and outside dampers. Schedule regular building checks during storms and cold weather. Arrange for snow and ice removal, including the roof.
  • Who’s responsible? Ensure accountability by designating personal responsibility for loss prevention. Business and building owners must work together with facilities and maintenance people.
  • Provide emergency telephone numbers. Collect and distribute a list of emergency phone numbers and contacts, such as snow removal, heating system Repair Company, utility company, and the weather bureau.
  • Anticipate flooding. Severe and cold weather can cause flooding. Move susceptible equipment or stock to an alternate location, where water cannot reach it.
  • Always have cold-weather gear on hand. – Have plenty of gloves, hats, emergency blankets and flashlights available.

If you have water or fire issues, please call SERVPRO of Jamaica Plain/Roxbury (617) 466-6909